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The cinema of Wong Kar-Wai and myself.

My mind has been a terrible mess lately, covered entirely with bittersweet memories of a past, I have become pathetic and a hopeless romantic at such a young age, the past, as I've mentioned in many older blog posts, has not given me too much happiness until very recently, but I do ...

Hiroshima, Mon Amour

Love is one of the most mysterious things in the world, sometimes a blessing, sometimes an endless desire, and often, an unforgettable memory. Paris is a city of love, the city of passion, considered one of a kind, but Hiroshima, has also been built for love, perhaps, not in it’s origins; she, a French woman, can’t forget, their faces, their bodies, their suffering, and Hiroshima...

My favourites of 2019

2019 was a curious year for me, I found myself discovering even more about myself, and discovering parts of myself that I never really payed attention, fears, anxieties, sickness, disabilities, I definitely started seeing the world in a very different manner, and also understanding and feeling diferent things.

¡Vámonos con Pancho Villa!

Let's go with Pancho Villa is a film that released on a period where Mexico was just beginning a phase of idealization of all it's heroes, in some regions Zapata, on another Madero, and possibly the most celebrated during that time could be Francisco Villa, who had a played a huge role on the 20th-century pop culture for a long time, one that faded before the 21th century, but one that shaped the way Mexican people looked at the revolution (especially thanks to the work of Ismael Rodríguez), most importantly on the films released during the Mexican golden age of cinema, a time where nationalism was at its peak.

Salón México

A film with a similar narrative to that of "When a woman ascends the stairs", also about a woman who has to work at a cabaret for a living, her name is Mercedes, she is participating with Paco at a danzón contest in order to win enough to pay the fee of the boarding school in which her sister is studying.

Floating Clouds

I hadn't even heard of the works of Mikio Naruse until pretty recently, regarding the Japanese masters of the classic cinema I only knew a few ones, that being Yasujiro Ozu, a director which work has obsessed me intensely, and that of Akira Kurosawa, who is a super talented and recognized director that somehow doesn't appeal to me.

Tokyo-Ga: My biggest fear

Recently I watched Wim Wenders's film, Tokyo-ga, filmed during 1983, in the film, Wenders travels to Japan looking to whatever still exists from the works of the master of cinema, Yasujiro Ozu. To Wenders surprise, not much has been left of it, some may argue that nothing exist anymore.

A Single Man

If you read me often, you would easily realize about how much I love Tom Ford, fashion icon, an area in which I'm an illiterate, it's obvious I didn't meet Tom Ford through his work on fashion, but rather on his work on cinema.