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Drawing is sensory nightmare for me, it's super difficult for me to even end some drawings in less than too months, and it also increases my anxiety a lot, however, I think the results may worth it.

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Untitled, a girl in pink with clothes reminiscent but not from the late 50s' Untitled, a person jumping The Lovers (RGU Fanart) The Rose of Versailles (Lady Oscar) Cleo from 5 to 7 Inspired drawing Girl with vintag-ish clothing (lol, i love her) Fidele, a dog who used to sleep by a window. Redrawing: No t*anks Enamorada Inspired Drawing 7 Samurai Inspired Drawing Guy in pink Pudding from Space Channel 5, but she's wearing a jacket Catherine Deneuve drawing inspired on Peau D'Ane's sky dress Catherine Deneuve drawing inspired on The Young Girls of Rochefort Ulala from Space Channel 5 Watercolor

Some characters do not belong to the author and it's copyright it's property of a different entity.