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I would like to say I have a strong intention for this page but I don't, maybe the intention behind this site will change over time with me, but as of right now I would like to use it to share my feelings and my thoughts about everything that bothers me, sometime mini reviews about my favorite films or videogames.

If you find any typo on the site just tell me, it would help me a lot, english is not my native language, that's why I would love if you could lend me a hand. If you want to contact me feel free to do so through my social media, I'm working on my social skills!

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My favourites of 2019

2019 was a curious year for me, I found myself discovering even more about myself, and discovering parts of myself that I never really payed attention, fears, anxieties, sickness, disabilities, I definitely started seeing the world in a very different manner, and also understanding and feeling diferent things. Read more...

¡Vámonos con Pancho Villa!

Let's go with Pancho Villa is a film that released on a period where Mexico was just beginning a phase of idealization of all it's heroes, in some regions Zapata, on another Madero, and possibly the most celebrated during that time could be Francisco Villa... Read More...

Salón México

The half of the 20th century was a time where the global humor was on the ground, the countless deaths, wars and economic crisis that happened on different parts of the world affected how each country felt, and art as always, played a role representing how people felt at the time... Read more...

Floating Clouds

I hadn't even heard of the works of Mikio Naruse until pretty recently, regarding the Japanese masters of the classic cinema I only knew a few ones... Read more...

Tokyo-Ga: My biggest fear

Recently I watched Wim Wenders's film, Tokyo-ga, filmed during 1983, in the film, Wenders travels to Japan looking to whatever still exists from the works of the master of cinema, Yasujiro Ozu. Read more...


March 25, 2020: Updated The Dark Room with tons of photos.

November 24, 2019: Tried to do some experiments but failed flawlessly. I still don't have internet connection, so updates may be slow.

October 20, 2019: Started publishing my busy person game diaries.