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These are not centered on a specific topic, but I would like to share those one that I believe are interesting or that I've personally found very useful.

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Bring back the best things from GeoCities, your own website for your own creative purposes
Terminal 00
Kinda popular in the last few months, but still an interesting experience, a total rabbit hole... Updated constantly
Listen to Wikipedia
Don't know why you would want to listen something like this unless you want to relax.
Space Channel 5
Up! Right! Left! Down! Chu! Chu! Chu!


You can find here english and japanese subtitles for all sorts of anime, some are on .ass format and a few on .srt
Freesound offers a wide variety of sounds of all kinds, from sinthetizers to foleys for all your artistic or entrepeneurial purposes, just be sure to thank their authors!
Integral Calculator
Need some help?
Derivative Calculator
Actually, these both work as an amazing learning tool
Matrix Calculator
Welp, there's an answer online for everything.

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The Cyber Vanguard Button Collection
A.N. Lucas Web Lounge's Button Collection


Why are you not getting a higher score in Crazy taxi? Cause you're not practicing enough!!
みなと、Japanese e-learning
Japan Foundation's e-learning site, they offer courses for every japanese level on these site, it is really useful, and I've actually learned from it, I've heard that in the basic levels you learn weird japanese but it does help, there are courses for autolearning and learning with tutors for the comfortable price of $0, and available in tons of different languages.
This is the perfect page for anyone who wants to learn japanese, it's a huge page that's full of guides and games that really make the learning work a lot more easier.
MDN web docs
I learned the basics of HTML through this Mozilla Developers site, it's has tutorials and explanations to everything you need to know to get started, without a doubt, you really need to check this site.
HTML Goodies
Some tutorials in this page need to be updated but some of them are really useful.
One of the most useful pages when you know next to nothing about HTML, CSS or any other web programing language or protocol, there are tons of useful tutorials and resources to understand and use HTML


I have a bunch of screenplays that I have been studying for personal purposes, if you're interested on reading them, this is a drive folder full of screenplays from different authors and genres.

I haven't explored a lot of the World Wide Web, so if you'll like to get your site here, I'll gladly add it