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These are not centered on a specific topic, but I would like to share those one that I believe are interesting or that I've personally found very useful.

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Bring back the best things from GeoCities, your own website for your own creative purposes
Terminal 00
Kinda popular in the last few months, but still an interesting experience, a total rabbit hole... Updated constantly
Listen to Wikipedia
Don't know why you would want to listen something like this unless you want to relax.
Space Channel 5 (Already Archived)
Up! Right! Left! Down! Chu! Chu! Chu!
Proyecto Voz Alfa
An UTAU proyect that a pretty dear friend has been developing for about two or three years


Freesound offers a wide variety of sounds of all kinds, from sinthetizers to foleys for all your artistic or entrepeneurial purposes, just be sure to thank their authors!

Cool people on the World Wide Web:


Narrative and essay (Spanish)

Cinema para Promedios
A project in which a friend and I have been working on. We review films that many people prefer not to see on cinemas, we don't judge films based on their style, nationality, but from their quality and true value.
No entiendo de cine
Aquí en el cine


This is the perfect page for anyone who wants to learn japanese, it's a huge page that's full of guides and games that really make the learning work a lot more easier.
MDN web docs
I learned the basics of HTML through this Mozilla Developers site, it's has tutorials and explanations to everything you need to know to get started, without a doubt, you really need to check this site.


I have a bunch of screenplays that I have been studying for personal purposes, if you're interested on reading them, this is a drive folder full of screenplays from different authors and genres.

I haven't explored a lot of the World Wide Web, so if you'll like to get your site here, I'll gladly add it